The success of a project depends not only on the will and personal and material investment we devote. There's something else a sort of attitude that helps us achieve our goals, but also perseverance. That's the leadership attitude. Often the first goal for achieving success is a clear target, but aiming farther will save you time and tenacity. Leadership is what makes success occur and endure.

Leadership is not just a role you take on. Nor it is a title bestowed upon you. It's more of a "way of living." To acquire it, you have to invest your whole self to recreate your inner self by determining and selecting what is most exploitable. Your qualities, skills and know-how lie dormant somewhere within you, and it's up to you to make them shine.

Each person has fragments of psychological criteria that are accessible to those who know how to tap into their innermost being. One of the criteria that interests us here that's decisive to success is leadership. Neither academic textbooks nor schools will teach you how to achieve the emergence of leadership from within. To bring this out and exploit it wisely, you'll have to take other paths.

This is exactly what SDoky allows you to do: read you like a map and decide to summon this or that spot. Once you've found the place where your leadership-self dwells, all you have to do is work and sculpt this improved version of yourself to bring it to the surface. Your leadership will improve day by day, each time you dive in to recover little by little the pieces that will constitute your new personality. The more the experience is renewed with the help of SDoky, the more your self-confidence will crystallize.

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