Social Capital

Your social network is never as important as when you’re unemployed, unhappy at work, or looking for housing.

Our parents experienced a golden age. Once they finished school, they were guaranteed a job. Finding a house was a piece of cake. Today, none of those things can be acquired without solid contacts.

It takes a lot of time to build and develop an effective network. If you decide to take action when everything is going wrong, it will be too late. You should build and develop your network when you don’t need any favors and everything is going smoothly. If you take the time to help others, you will have the chance to ask for something in return. Giving means paying attention to others, talking about what interests them, and bringing something to the table that complements their interests. It’s the key to healthy socialization.

In the same way that we need an action plan to complete a project or a GPS to reach our destination, we need to map out our network in order to enhance our interactions with the people who make it up.

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Human Capital Leadership