Before being called SDoky (Smart Document), the computer tool developed for personal use was called Matrix. "From the Latin matrix (matricis), itself derived from mater, is an element which provides a support or a structure, and which is used to surround, to reproduce or to construct", according to Wikipedia. Indeed, the Matrix was helping me improve my relationships, allowing me to exponentially increase my social capital and develop some of my skills that had been little used until then.

Based on the PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) methodology, from which it borrows several techniques, the Matrix uses Machine learning technology. Personal development has also been taken into consideration in some practical cases of the tool.

Realizing day after day that the software I had put in place worked for me and my world, sparked new interest in me. Knowledge management, whichimproved my life and having tested it on 600 people from different social and cultural strata, called for an openness that I could not refuse. It was at this time and from the desire to share that I decided to make this tool public, and to write the book that you will find in bookstores and whose digital version you is offered when you create your account.

David Alexandre (Founder)

Origin Vision